Trigger Pipeline from another Pipeline in Azure DevOps
11 thoughts on “Trigger Pipeline from another Pipeline in Azure DevOps”
  1. Thanks for the video. It assures me that I have my inter-pipeline triggering (resources) setup correctly.

    However when I tried to ALSO trigger my "downstream" pipeline from a local commit on that same pipeline, then that action somehow corrupted my "upstream" pipeline in another project! Microsoft support has recently just fixed the problem in the "upstream" pipeline and it's back (was not showing the Runs, some SQL issue?)

    My question that I am struggling with (that I have found ZERO documentation on) is how to have a "downstream" pipeline get triggered by multiple trigger sources: (1) "upstream" pipeline (in a different project)
    (2) local commit on the "downstream" pipeline.

    I am curious if you know the answer to that or have tried testing something like this previously. Thanks for posting the video.

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