Top 5 DevOps Certification 2020 | Highest Paying Certifications | Get Certified 2020| Study Material

This video is good for individuals seeking to make career in DevOps. Certification plays important role to build good career and get a high paid job .If you are looking for demanding devops certification then this this the best video for you because it has everything related to DevOps certification like –
1. Why we need DevOps Certification?
2. Top 5 DevOps certification
3. Study Material
4. Exam cost + Expected Salary after pursuing certification

Study Material –
1. Certified Jenkins Engineer –
2. Docker Certified Associate –
3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect –
4. Certified Kubernetes Administrator –
5. Certified DevOps Engineer (AWS) –
6. Certified cloud Engineer (GOOGLE) –
7. Certified DevOps Engineer (Microsoft) –

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28 thoughts on “Top 5 DevOps Certification 2020 | Highest Paying Certifications | Get Certified 2020| Study Material”
  1. Studies material Links are not working like the website is flag as Spam please check and update it . And thank you great video

  2. Hai this is Abhilash from Expert-works actually we were looking for the AZURE trainers so if your interested message i will share you my contact details or mail id

  3. shocked to know the avg expected salary for aws SA is a whopping 1,14,800rs in India compared to 1,25,334$ in US . 😀 😀 :D.

  4. CKA ,CKAD ,AWS CCNA , PMP certificate available with 100% pass guarantee , pay after results , ping me on whatsapp +919893596975

  5. Great Video!!, quick question What do you think about the LPI Devops Tools Engineer certification?

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