Top 29 Python Interview Questions and Answers

Looking for Python Interview Questions & Answers to prepare? Check this video out we have an ultimate guide of knowledge-based Python Interview Questions and Answers.

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22 thoughts on “Top 29 Python Interview Questions and Answers”
  1. “Is” checks if two objects point to the same address in the memory, nothing to do with boolean values

  2. Hello Team, there are lot of mistakes in this video related to Python concepts, please refer proper python documentation, dont make videos without proper research, please don't cascade wrong information, if you need any assistance you can reach out to me to correct and improve your content. I have 12+ years of experience in Python.
    for eg: Self is not a keyword, its just a convention, you can use anythign in place of self, yoru name my name, its just hold the reference of object as first arguement

  3. Can you please make another video on python advanced interview questions, Your presentation is too good. thank you.

  4. I don't understand 'The "is" operator returns true when two operands are true'. It seems like you meant 'The "and" operator …', or you meant '… operands have the same object id'.

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  6. is statement checks that the object is stored in the same memory address.
    And you’ll be shocked on the result of
    a = 300
    a is 300

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