Time To Say Goodbye - Katherine Jenkins

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23 thoughts on “Time To Say Goodbye – Katherine Jenkins”
  1. To my estranged sister whom have had no contact for 14 years. I dedicate this song to you Dawn Wray of York England. Terribly painful to hear of her passing when I could not have been by her side to comfort her. My love for you beautiful Dawn will always live on. Sorry for how things were left. We will meet again with pure love and joy only. 😘💞💞💞🙏

  2. When I finally leave this world and enter into God's kingdom , I want Katherine holding my hand until I'm back with my family. Truly one of God's Angels thank you Katherine 🙏😍❤️❤️❤️

  3. ''Decca is the legendary British record label, home to some of the greatest recording artists ever.'' And which group did they infamously reject? Step forward the most successful recording act in history – The Beatles

  4. Katherine is the greatest combination of beauty and talent that exists. It is a mistake to take her out of view. The switch to dancers and random build walls is out of place and distracting.

  5. My Grandfather's funeral was held earlier today, and he wanted this song to be played at it. Miss Jenkins, I know there's little chance you'll see this comment, but please know that you gave my Grandfather many wonderful numbers to enjoy over the years. He was a massive fan of you and your work and I can't think of a better song for us to have bid him farewell with.

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