TikToks that aren’t what you think they are

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38 thoughts on “TikToks that aren’t what you think they are”
  1. Can someone please tell me what that song is at 6:00 please like the Indian techno I reqlly want to know pleeeezz someone must no it

  2. 5:25 – the moment after they said- well what they said, "Grammarly can help you edit your emails to make your sentences gramatically correct;" LIKE EXCUSE ME GRAMMARLY STOP RIGHT THERE

  3. 0:59 Thanks, I hate it.
    Really though, I'm curious, why do some people find dislocation to be funny? I'm not blaming you all I'm seriously curious.

    Is it just the face that the person makes that makes people laugh? It's absolutely terrifying to have something dislocated. Know from experience while rock climbing. Now I live in constant fear.

  4. "I like black ballz in my mouth"💀💀💀💀😳🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂✌️

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