The most cancerous build in Dota 2

In this video, Jenkins talks about the most cancerous build in patch 7.28b, Boots of Travel + Aghs Shard Nature’s Prophet.


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38 thoughts on “The most cancerous build in Dota 2”
  1. coment ur most hated hero to play against in pubs.

    i hate sielencer because he makes my spells silent

  2. also for turbo u can spawn 2 trees at 37seconds before 0:00 and then spawn them at 0:00 and push a tower at 0:00… 4 trees and it works so well at mid cause u get gold runes and your team jumps in and we took mid tower 30seconds into the game, it does fuck with laning but its so funny and by yourself with no pressure u can get it half way which is massive

  3. I have literally never seen this game before. I have only ever heard of the name of it.
    But fun video nonetheless.

  4. my favorite build with np is core vlad, drums and ac.
    octarine or deso is situational
    lvl 25 treant dmg buff along with 3 core items can destroy ancient under 7 seconds

  5. Oh, i thinked that this strat is dead, cause they deleted necros, but now i see WHY they delete them.

  6. queues an unranked game
    natures phrophet on the other team but I didn't notice or care
    thinks the game is actually not going half bad
    everything dies and chaos and I cant get out of the dang tree circle and Idek wth is going on
    you tube: look at this video
    Me: oh that's what happened
    I'm a very very new player, this was like my 8th game ever. Continued my loosing streak to 7 games

  7. I play Herald and honestly I'm amazed at the heroes the enemy team chose to try and country a nature's prophet. They have zero aoe damage and only slark for ganking. I personally love playing against nature's as I just get kunka or another high aoe damage carry and hunt him. One you get to farm his treants for ez gold and two you force him to build linkens for fear of getting ganked.

  8. if u try this in guardian, you'll lose the game and get reported for not "contributing" to the team fight.

  9. I was playing against this build, and they won even if our kill ratio was more than double. They won through pushing

  10. I've been playing this a lot over the last few months with great enjoyment and modest success. Thanks Jenkins!

  11. this is actually cancer I just ran into this shit it rank and I freaking hate this, I was playing offlane with no lane shoving abilities and my carry am wouldn't deal with it even though he had bf and a 4s blink and we end up losing because of 30min megas

  12. Jenkins: I actually think it's fine to feed with this play style
    Me: Aw, I have finally found my calling

  13. dude these rants at the end of your videos are the reason i stay till the end. lol
    I tried this strat as 5 and my safe carry picked spectre…. What do you think is best pairing here with Natures in lane? We got stomped by veno/axe in enemy offlane.

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