The IDEAL & Practical CI / CD Pipeline - Concepts Overview

CI / CD or Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery is the pinnacle of ideal software development. Using CI/CD, developers can rapidly build, test, and deploy code with the utmost confidence that any breaking change will be caught by the robust pipeline.

In this video, I show you what an Ideal CI / CD pipeline looks like. We focus on the concepts instead of specific technologies, and leave it to you to select the framework of your preference to make this pipeline a reality.

I’ve started building a pipeline with an end goal that looks like this video’s pipeline here: – Join me as I start applying these practices using AWS on the cloud.

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39 thoughts on “The IDEAL & Practical CI / CD Pipeline – Concepts Overview”
  1. this was sooooo helpful. Thanks! I took thorough notes and am about to share them with the rest of my team. This was awesome.

  2. Great video please ensure you dont try to take your issues and questions which are transformed to fit this solution , this is never going to happen in real world testing environment

  3. Your comment about how the source lacked any more nuance to discuss is baffling. The entire CI/CD pipeline will depend on your branching strategy.

  4. Mandatory review as a starting point is not realistic and not necessary in a professional team. Only in open source projects where anyone can commit anything.

  5. In an ideal CICD linting and other similar static analysis techniques should gate promotion to integretion/cicd testing

  6. Great vid.

    Maybe you could add details on how the prod (1box) and "big" prod work with DB (unified, I assume, any notes on some kind of rollback rules for any incorrect updates?)

  7. This is a fairly antiquated workflow—especially if you're building and orchestrating containers and deploying across 1 or more geographies.

  8. God typical software bullshit.
    Code coverage means jack shit!
    I wish software engineering was not as full of scrum, agile and other quacks as it is.
    Those lying bs artists turned a technical art into religious bullshit.

  9. Nice video, I just think the canary concept is a bit different from what I have seen, Canary testing is deploying new code to a limited number of components instead of hitting everything in production.

    By the way…. I have no idea why it is called canary 😂

  10. Looks wierd. Where the deployment between building artifacts and run integrration tests? Where is necessary quality gates between code commit and build artifacts?

  11. what if you update frontend and backend, the new front end will not be compatible with old backend, then when automatically roll back, the whole system will crash and trigger the alert, and rollback again, and eventually roll back the first version?

  12. 1box in azure is deploying to a slot and redirect small percentage of connection to it. It could be also done with blue green deployment so the rollback is just to permut the release version and the previous release

  13. Also, as someone else mentioned, I believe you have mistaken Canary with Health checks/probes. The one box environment seems to be using liveness probe to test for validation.

  14. Good overall approach. However each CI/CD pipelines has its own set of needs and this is only good for typical app deployment. If the app is being deployed with more then basic app, meaning it uses specific services, such as Elasticsearch or Kafka, then these environments should also be added to test environment.

    But I like the overall approach. It is clean and almost bullet proof.


  15. ? iam confused. CI and CD is Corporate Identity and Corporate Design in my world. What does it mean for you?

  16. Dude, I've been watching your stuff and I must say that you are a freaking legend for putting so much of yourself into all of this. Thank you! You are the reason why a lot of people will be able to make a better life for themselves, really.

  17. I have a question|
    How is the 1box is relevant when we rollout a new feature? Isn't the 10% traffic would be a bottleneck in the production? Or does we expect to test the production again?

  18. Prod 1 box : CUG : Closed user group , where code runs on prod database but only fraction of entire userbase can use that environment.

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