The #1 sign that you are bad at a hero

In this video, Jenkins the #1 sign that you are bad at a hero or a role in Dota 2. If you can’t do these 3 things, you are probably bad.

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43 thoughts on “The #1 sign that you are bad at a hero”
  1. SEA players are the best at this, they are very good when playing from behind, but not as good when playing from ahead, that’s why so many throws happens

    I can’t count how many games I’ve had where my team is 8k gold ahead, has an aegis and then go back to farming their own jungle with the aegis

  2. says he played carry and couldnt figure out why he was losing so hard.

    shows recent games:
    phoenix = loss
    warlock = loss
    earthshaker = loss
    batrider = loss
    axe = loss

    I think…..I think you should pick better carry heroes. :ú

  3. Darn… I did not know about such thing. Like… I have a lot of hours in LoL/HotS and some in DotA… but I never thought about different play style. Either you play aggressive or defensive.
    Thanks, Jenkins!

  4. I hope you can get a BSJ tier lawyer with the money that this comment will generate for your channel.

  5. 4th, you know how to play to make your team lose without reporting you because you are a psychopath.

  6. I don't play dota 2 i was 50 hours in but this applies to everything even in life
    You see the successors more than losers. And you think loser is worse than someone that succeeded? This is something else some losers may know more than winners. 🙂 I wish people wouldbe doing this in LoL haha

  7. your absolutely right , I mean even if a pro player wants to share actually usefull lessons about difficult situations
    that happens almost in evey other game in dota there are 1000s of hours of content.

  8. Yo jenkins this is why i learned carry role first in 2013 and im playing carry as main ever since and only recently i learned other roles except mid

  9. At 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the video. You should have just rolled back the video and recorded that line from an earlier point. Instead you go on a rant explaining why how despite the video not backing you up what you're saying is correct by insulting North American DOTA and you even zoom in on the timer which is more editing work just to reinforce your point. When in truth you should have rolled the video back and re-recorded your line! Your content blatantly disrespects the viewers time! I can't watch videos like this they're just disgusting. I love a lot of your other content and the only reason I'm flaming you right here is because I want you to continue to produce the type of content that I fell in love with. That content was better than this. You are better than this Jenkins. Up your game. Get on a better level. Spend some time soaking XP because your video editing is f**** garbage. Put some effort into it ffs!

  10. I stopped the video at 45 seconds in. I think your problem was actually that you were stupid enough to try and learn a new role inside of ranked matches. Mystery solved video thumbs down for misleading and window closed.

  11. Im the opposite, im better on playing from behind and ahead than a normal game … Since 2007 i always either lose lane really hard or win lane really hard, i find even games very rare

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