Terraform Tutorial in 2020 - Getting started on Google Cloud

You will learn about Terraform and how it’s used as infrastructure as a code.
The greatest advantage of using Terraform is that it supports various cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Openstack etc and it is open source.

Terraform File:

provider “google” {
version = “3.5.0”

credentials = file(“tfsvc.json”)

project = “youtube-demo-255723”
region = “us-central1”
zone = “us-central1-c”

resource “google_compute_instance” “appserver” {
name = “secondary-application-server”
machine_type = “f1-micro”

boot_disk {
initialize_params {
image = “debian-cloud/debian-9”
network_interface {
network = “default”

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26 thoughts on “Terraform Tutorial in 2020 – Getting started on Google Cloud”
  1. Thanks GK. Your video helped me solve my doubt. I was running Terraform in Ubuntu over Windows. Google Cloud in Chrome browser. Service account was downloaded in local path. But then wondered how the service account (tfsvc.json) was visible in Ubuntu machine. Workarrond I applied was manually copied the json file and placed in Ubuntu and then all other Terraform commsnds were successfull.

  2. nicely & clearly explained man, thanks so much for sharing! Helped me sort out a small GCP (newbie) issue.

  3. answer to your question, I think AWS cloud formation and Ansible are alternatives to Terraform ? Let me know if they are comparable or not

  4. What advantage does it hold over the console operation ? Isn't creating resources with console would be easy task ?

  5. Hiya! Love your videos, very informative! Do you know how to obtain text from a file inside a gcp instance created with terraform and use that as a variable in the main terraform file? Any advice would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks

  6. Hi, nice video I would like to know if I want to load data from oracle into my gcp using terraform, could you able to guide the higher level steps.thanks in advance

  7. While creating Google instance through terraform I am getting below error│ 7: resource "google_compute_instance_iam_member" "default" {

    Can you please help

  8. Hi, I was going through your video on GCP terraform. The video content is very useful for freshers. I followed your video to create the virtual machine. It's throwing an error too. Like "An argument or block definition is required here" this is the error. Can you please explain it from end to end?

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