Templates in Azure DevOps Yaml Pipelines

Here is what I learned working with Templates in YAML DevOps pipelines to reuse and share Stages/Jobs/Steps.
In other words, this is refactoring pipelines.

Source code:

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16 thoughts on “Templates in Azure DevOps Yaml Pipelines”
  1. Thanks for sharing this template but I have a use case that I would like to accomplish is having 2 stages of deploying infrastructure, 1 validate % 1 to apply, the apply requires approval so I would need pass the sample here "anyTfChanges" variable to different stage which currently there isn't an easy way. How would you accomplish this by passing variables to another stage? TIA.

  2. Beginners like me won’t understand what you are explaining seriously. Should have been like a 45 minutes to understand better

  3. Thank you!!

    is there a way to versioning this templates? So I can update my template safety without any warm..

  4. Really usefull presentation and code sharing, as allways Houssem.
    Link to your repo in description would be good 😉

  5. Hi Houssem, your videos are very informative and thank for sharing in a such a simple language.
    Can you please create video on how to write YMAL file and structure of YAML file.

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