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Ansible – Install roles and features on windows servers

Let’s install some roles and features on our windows servers with ansible 🙂 Github: https://github.com/r3ap3rpy/ansibler/blob/master/test_win_feature.yaml Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/r3ap3rpy source

Ansible – Using strategies and output formatting option with yaml callback

Check out my guide for the different strategies available in ansible and how you can best utilize them to your own needs to run ad-hoc commands and playbooks the most…

Ansible – Include and Import Playbook statements

Check out my video about the #include statement in ansible. This allows you to modulariize your playbooks and make them more versatile. Github: https://github.com/r3ap3rpy/ansibler/blob/master/test_update_and_install_apache.yaml https://github.com/r3ap3rpy/ansibler/blob/master/update_systems.yaml https://github.com/r3ap3rpy/ansibler/blob/master/install_apache.yaml Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/r3ap3rpy source

Ansible – Setting up kerberos authentication

Here is the counterpart of the previous video about setting up winrm. In this video we setup kerberos authentication to allow ansible to manage windows hosts which are joined to…

Ansible – Deploy Chrome on Windows

Have you ever wondered if you can automate the deploy of an MSI package or other package on windows? This video guides you through from start to finish how you…