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Dag Wieers — Ansible and Windows

All day Ansible Meetup @ AT-Computing Utrecht: 2017/11/25 Using Ansible with Windows systems source

Ansible vs. Terraform: What's the difference?

Explore guide to Terraform → http://ibm.biz/guide-to-terraform Explore guide to Infrastructure as Code → http://ibm.biz/guide-to-iac Watch “Terraform Explained” lightboard video → https://youtu.be/HmxkYNv1ksg Watch “What is Ansible?” lightboard video → https://youtu.be/fHO1X93e4WA Watch…

What is Ansible?

Use Ansible on IBM Cloud Schematics today → http://ibm.biz/ansible-support-in-ibm-cloud-schematics Learn more about IBM and Red Hat → http://ibm.biz/ibm-and-red-hat-solutions Check out Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud → http://ibm.biz/red-hat-open-shift-ibm-cloud How can…