Swarm vs. Kubernetes from DevOps and Docker Live Show in Berlin (Ep 59)

Starts at 03:55. New Kubernetes videos are now available in Docker Mastery. This video talks about Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes. Every week I host a YouTube Live to take your #container, #docker, #kubernetes, #swarm, and #devops questions.

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7 thoughts on “Swarm vs. Kubernetes from DevOps and Docker Live Show in Berlin (Ep 59)”
  1. I have enrolled for Docker Mastery course. I have installed windows Docker. I opened Hyper V Manager. I cannot see MobyLinuxVM. I cannot connect to Hyper V Manager to server hitherto I am not able to create VM. Could you help me with that?

  2. What software do you use for:

    – Streaming
    – video preparation (your face on the lower corner and the slides in the background )?

  3. I heard a very healthy approach: Start everything on swarm. If you meet limitations, that are solved by Kubernetes, move the project to kubernetes! I think that is a very smart attitude!

  4. 36:11 I think I would only use K8S if we get a certain capacity and we just want to offload management to the cloud. Since managed Docker swarm isn't as popular and there's no Terraform provider I have seen that supports Swarm. However, for development/production parity, I would stick with Docker Swarm.

  5. 29:10 I did something similar, basically try to replicate the app and it's app server and put it in a container and have it part of a repeatable build. Then start breaking it apart e.g. getting rid of managing the HTTP certificates and route the things in traefik so you get LetsEncrypt rather than paying for a CA.

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