Stack Change Set [Add, Modify, Delete resources] - AWS CloudFormation p2.5

Welcome to part 2.5 of this tutorial series on AWS CloudFormation. In this tutorial, I have covered changeset within AWS CloudFormation.

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9 thoughts on “Stack Change Set [Add, Modify, Delete resources] – AWS CloudFormation p2.5”
  1. Generally, there are two ways to update the stack: Direct Update & Change Sets.

    – When you use the Direct update method then CF will directly update a stack as soon as you submit changes and it immediately deploys them. You can use Direct update when you want to quickly deploy the updates.

    – While using Change Sets, you can preview the changes that AWS CloudFormation will make to the existing stack and then the user/you can decide whether to apply those changes or not. One can use Change Sets when the user wants to ensure that AWS CloudFormation does not make any unintentional changes or when you want to consider several options.

    Thanks, @Chandramouli Ramakrishnan for bringing this up.

  2. Very well explained. Thanks for such a wonderful Cloudformation series. You can deep dive on more AWS services and make videos.

  3. Hi, thank you for this video! My client wants to update values in a couple of TAGS parameters, supportGroup for example. So we are not changing or updating any resources per se. Do you think creating change sets is the way to go about it? I think since its just TAGS, we can edit it manually and update. But the client is insisting on doing this by making changes in CFT and implementing it. They want to do this on multiple RDS instances, so that's why they want to do it the CFT way. Thank you:)

  4. Whats the diff between using Update for new template and create change set??

  5. Amazing videos! Thanks for good CloudFormation resource. Support you to continue work on CFormation! I hope so that will be more examples with API Gateway, Lambda and different combinations of services after these important lessons for the beginners.
    It will be good to get new ideas how to make something good for real life. Thank you! 🙂

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