SSH Crash Course | With Some DevOps

In this video we will learn the fundamentals of SSH along with some basic DevOps and Linux stuff. We will start with a local Ubuntu server on my network and then create a remote Digital Ocean Droplet to work with. We will create sets of SSH keys for those as well as Github. We will even do a simple React app deployment.

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34 thoughts on “SSH Crash Course | With Some DevOps”
  1. Im a hobbiest and have been learning about Linux systems for the last year and a half. I even have a program running on Digital Ocean in a droplet. I couldn’t wrap my head around Keys and best practices until this video. A huge thank you. You are very talented and a great educator.

  2. Fantastic tutorial! One thing you forgot though. The passphrase, what happens when you put it in? You know and I know but some of your viewers might not and may want to know. Also another small tip (you probably already know it); When you mess up and forget the sudo command just type sudo !! and that will run the command again with sudo. I just find that so much easier. 🙂

  3. I'm having a terrible time trying to make things work. It appears you missed an important step when setting up the DO server at 24:36. You did not update the ssh config file on the DO server. So, the default still allows pw authorization. But when I go into the config file and remove pw, it still does not allow for publickey authorisation. I did enable that, and I did do a refresh / reload of the ssh config. But Nope. it does not like it. Cheers.

  4. After trying all your suggestion for ssh login to my ubuntu server. I had to use the -I flag . I was wondering why. Yes it did work and after I did it , I did not need to us the flag -I . ei: ssh -i ~/.ssh/private_key username@host. Just curious.

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