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Spring PE Games: Rabbits On The Run!


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A new addition to the Spring PE games playlist and the “On The Run” series! This time the rabbits need your help! Collect the missing carrots while dodging the obstacles. Be ready for any surprises that may be thrown your way! This also makes a perfect brain break activity or movement break! You can find all of my Spring PE games by visiting my website which can be found above. My goal for this channel is to provide new games and ideas for elementary pe. PE With Mr G focuses on providing fun pe games and physed game ideas such as warm ups, instant activities, throwing games, rolling games, kicking games, basketball, hockey, baseball, tag, soccer, jump roping, big team games, classroom management, pe at home, and cooperation and teamwork games/ideas. If you ever have a question, please feel free to ask as I would love to help any way that I can. Thank you so much for watching!

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