Splunk Software Engineer Interview Questions and Answers | Splunk Security Interview Question

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In this Splunk Software Engineer Interview questions and answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for Splunk interview. This Splunk Interview questions & answers video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this Splunk interview preparation video completely you can crack any Splunk job interview easily.
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๐Ÿ”ฅFollowing topics are covered in this:
00:00 – Splunk Software Engineer Interview Questions and Answers
00:45 – Compare Splunk with spark?
02:03 – What is Splunk?
02:53 – What are the common port numbers used by Splunk?
03:38 – What are the components of Splunk? Explain Splunk architecture?
04:51 – Which is the latest Splunk version in use?
05:14 – What is a Splunk Indexer? What are the stages of Splunk Indexing?
06:00 – What is the Splunk forwarder? What are the types of Splunk forwarder?
07:13 – Name a few most important configuration files in Splunk?
07:44 – What are the types of Splunk licenses?
08:28 – What is Splunk app?
09:00 – Where is Splunk default configuration stored?
09:17 – What are the features not available in Splunk free?
10:03 – What happens if the license master is unreachable?
10:46 – What is the summary index in Splunk?
11:17 – What is Splunk DB connect?
11:52 – Write a general regular expression for extracting the IP address from logs?
12:46 – Explain stats versus transactional commands?
14:22 – How to troubleshoot Splunk performance issues?
16:03 – What are buckets?
17:46 – Difference between stats and eventstats commands?
18:45 – What are the top direct competitors to Splunk?
19:17 – What do Splunk licenses specify?
19:40 – How does Splunk determine 1-day, from a licensing perspective?
20:03 – How are forwarded licenses purchased?
20:25 – What is the command for restarting Splunk web server?
20:43 – What is the command for restarting Splunk daemon?
21:08 – Command used to check running Splunk processes on Linux/Unix?
21:33 – What is the command used for enabling Splunk to boot-start?
21:59 – How to disable Splunk boot-start?
22:17 – What is the source type in Splunk?
22:40 – How to reset Splunk admin password?
23:48 – How to disable Splunk launch message?
24:15 – How to clear Splunk search history?
24:39 – What is Btool?/ How will you troubleshoot Splunk configuration files?
25:10 – What is the difference between Splunk app and Splunk add-on?
25:49 – What is the Presidents of .conf files in Splunk?
26:25 – What is Fishbucket? What is Fishbucket index?
27:08 – How can I understand when Splunk has finished indexing a log file?
27:54 – How to set the default search time in Splunk?
28:38 – What is the dispatch directory?
29:34 – Why are you applying for this plant role in our company?
30:35 – What is the difference between search head Pooling and search head Clustering?
31:26 – Add folder access logs from Windows machine to Splunk?
32:26 – How would you troubleshoot Splunk license violation warning?
33:18 – What is MapReduce algorithm?
33:58 – How does Splunk avoid duplicate indexing of logs
34:34 – What is your plan after joining this Splunk developer role?
35:28 – Do you have any previous experience in Splunk?
36:18 – Do you possess any other skill that can add value to this Splunk developer role?
37:10 – certification?

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