Splunk Education:  Creating and Using Event Types

Karen Hodges demonstrates how to use Splunk to create and use event types and explains how these objects can help you create targeted reports and alerts.


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9 thoughts on “Splunk Education: Creating and Using Event Types”
  1. Great tutorial about Splunk-Events and great speaker …
    more videos about Splunk are badly needed,
    Thank you

  2. I agree with the last comment. Karen has that school teacher kung-fu that helps learners comprehend Splunk constructs, which are complex. Well done Karen, well done.

  3. This is the first comprehensive tutorial that I was actually able to follow. All the other ones either lose me or put me to sleep. I hope this lady has more videos. Thank you!

  4. I'm confused. She searched for "password fail*" but found the strings "Failed password" … Why did that work ?

  5. Very nice tutorial to learn on creating and using event and tags !!
    Keep posting such useful videos.
    Kudos !

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