Splunk Dashboard Studio : Working with inputs and tokens - PART 1

In this video I have discussed about how to work with dropdown and tokens in splunk dashboard studio.


6 thoughts on “Splunk Dashboard Studio : Working with inputs and tokens – PART 1”
  1. Hi did youy get any info about dependent inputs ?
    I have multiple of them and i have to click submit button and wait for each of them to change

  2. Nice content .. I have a qq on Stuido regarding tokens .. in classic we have manage token option in drill down for example if we have single visualisation panel when we click on the number we can make drill down of token to pass display a new table kind of details
    Is this possible in Stuido to pass the token value to a table which will display only when we click on main panel number

  3. sir can you start any project on splunk ( related to the real-time production project) ..where we can use all the stuff ….it will help alot please sir notice it

  4. Is it mandatory to have spunk core certified user before going for splunk core certified power user!!?

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