Splunk Dashboard : Different kinds Of Event Handling in Splunk Dashboard

In this video I have discussed about the event handling in splunk dashboard.

Code and data used in this tutorial can be downloaded from the below repo:

Splunk job properties :



10 thoughts on “Splunk Dashboard : Different kinds Of Event Handling in Splunk Dashboard”
  1. Thanks for a nice video again. Some tips for you and other.

    At 34.36 When you like to add input to a panel, add it just like you do at dashboard level, but insted of manually copy/past in the code, just drag it from the dashboard level to the panel level you like to use it in. (drag/drop)

    At 36.41 Initial value is not used when default value is selected:
    Use a default value for an input when users do not make a selection.

    Use an initial value for text inputs only. The initial value appears only when the form page loads. If a user clears the text field, the initial value does not reappear and the token value is set to an empty string.

    If you specify both an initial and default value for a text input, only the default value applies

  2. Hi Sir,
    I need to add dynamic up and down arrows in cells of dashboard table, based on change in value for each cell when compared to past 24 hours. Can you please share some approach?
    Thank you

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