Splunk Dashboard :  Different kinds of drilldown possible in splunk dashboard

In this video I have discussed how we can use drilldown feature for different kinds of visualization in splunk dahboard. The below topics has been covered,

1. Normal drilldown
2. Conditional drilldown
3. Dynamic Drilldown
4. Drilldown to a custom URL
5. Drilldown to another dashboard
6. Drilldown to search

Link for data and code used in this tutorial :

Kaggle : https://www.kaggle.com/lava18/google-play-store-apps


11 thoughts on “Splunk Dashboard : Different kinds of drilldown possible in splunk dashboard”
  1. Hi, how do I drill down to the current dashboard ? On click of a dashboard it will open another report which is hidden to begin with.

  2. Hi Sid.. I have been following all your videos and learning things. I just wanted to thank you very much for your effort. I get a kind of feeling that 'learning is fun' after watching your videos. Amazing stuff!!! Thanks a ton again for empowering our skills馃憤

  3. I'm having trouble getting a filter to work on a saved report that I added to a dashboard, have any videos explaining how to configure the 'Edit Drilldown' on saved reports in dashboards

  4. hello sir..in my xml file the dropdown are not available for several dashboard panel..i am trying to do it manually but its not working..please make one video on how to set up a drop down for any panel..it would be a big help

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