SonarQube Integeration with Azure DevOps Pipeline | SonarScanner for Azure DevOps

SonarQube’s integration with Azure DevOps allows you to maintain code quality and security in your Azure DevOps repositories. It is compatible with both Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Services.
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This video explains about SonarQube, how to integrate SonarQube with the Azure DevOps pipeline, and the setup required for the integration in step by step process.
Watch this video to know about the benefits of SonarQube and the integration techniques.
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10 thoughts on “SonarQube Integeration with Azure DevOps Pipeline | SonarScanner for Azure DevOps”
  1. the agent appears online all the time and it is; but yet when enabling the SonarQube task as part of the build definition, I keep getting the message mentioned above of "Waiting for an enabled agent. All possible agents are disabled."

  2. Thanks for Video, Makes job Easy , Meanwhile while creating private organization Sonarcloud asking for Premium plans , do we have to pay to use private content?

  3. In Azure DevOPs – AZ Pipeline , how to setup Notification only for SonarQubeQualityGateCheck! So developers will get auto email if only from Quality Gate Check stage , not from entire pipeline failure (default) notification

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