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Solving Coding Interview Questions in Python on LeetCode (easy & medium problems)


In this video we walk through a series of eight coding interview questions on leetcode. These are algorithms problems that cover topics including data structures, time & space complexity, sorting, binary search, object oriented programming, breadth first search, tree traversals, and more. The difficulty of problems range from easy to medium and get gradually harder as you go through the video.

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Links to problems:
LeetCode 1678: https://leetcode.com/problems/goal-parser-interpretation/
LeetCode 1436: https://leetcode.com/problems/destination-city/
LeetCode 1365: https://leetcode.com/problems/how-many-numbers-are-smaller-than-the-current-number/
LeetCode 704: https://leetcode.com/problems/binary-search/
LeetCode 409: https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-palindrome/
LeetCode 1561: https://leetcode.com/problems/maximum-number-of-coins-you-can-get/
LeetCode 1472: https://leetcode.com/problems/design-browser-history/
LeetCode 1110: https://leetcode.com/problems/delete-nodes-and-return-forest/

0:00 – Introduction
2:02 – LeetCode 1678 – Goal Parser Interpretation
6:04 – LeetCode 1436 – Destination City
14:07 – LeetCode 1365 – How Many Numbers Are Smaller Than the Current Number
33:13 – LeetCode 704 – Binary Search
46:13 – LeetCode 409 – Longest Palindrome
55:01 – LeetCode 1561 – Maximum Number of Coins You Can Get
1:10:09 – LeetCode 1472 – Design Browser History
1:22:32 – LeetCode 1110 – Delete Nodes And Return Forest
1:38:23 – Conclusion & Announcement!

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