Simplilearn DevOps Tutorial For Beginners

    Simplilearn offers numerous courses in technology, management, and various other domains. As it is one of the world’s no1 online Bootcamp, it is known to provide excellent courses. Talking about DevOps, it offers the following courses in this field:
    Container orchestration using Kubernetes
    CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins
    Docker Certified Associate Certification training courses
    Ansible 2.0 training course
    Master’s program in DevOps engineer
    Post-Graduate Program in DevOps.
    I researched all of them, and I think if you want to learn any skill, learn it completely. The reason is that when you apply for the job opportunities, you will be examined for all the essential skills. So I think pursuing the master’s program, and university program will be worth it.
    Now talking about its university program, “Post-Graduate Program in DevOps” is offered in collaboration with CTME. if you are not aware, then Caltech CTME is one of the world’s renowned universities that offer technological and management programs to its students. It produces the best candidates for the industries. It conducts live online classes with the help of industry experts. Not just that, it offers capstone projects for your efficient practice. Along with this, it offers 20+ real-life projects in integrated labs.
    The program duration is of 9 months, which will require 5-10 hours of your time per week. Once you complete the course, you will be certified Caltech CTME post-graduate certificate. Thereafter, you will get the Caltech CTME circle membership. After that, Simplilearn will give you assistance with your job opportunities.
    I think pursuing this post-graduate program is definitely worth it. The reason is that it is offered in partnership with Caltech. This is what makes it interesting, as you will be getting global exposure from your home itself. Otherwise, when you pursue courses from abroad, you have to shift to a new place and pay a huge amount of money in terms of international currency. While some may find this affordable, others like me can pursue the course this way(i.e., Online). Now, after that, it’s the job opportunities that actually matter. So when the course is completed, you will get full assistance from Simplilearn for the amazing opportunities. Go check it out.

    You do not have to worry about doing certification. You can Just take up the classes and learn about DevOps practices and Implementation in Industry. Because there is no single universally identified Educational Institute who approves the certificate courses created by various training institute. At the end its all about learning from people(DevOps Coach) experience and then applying those to your work to create better and successful experience then sharing that experience with new people (Creating a learning and sharing loop), and as technology is shifting so fast you never know the tool which you spend time learning in class would be replaced by new one in a years time . for example no one would have imagined how containerization would have replaced Configuration management tools.

    The Post Graduate Program in DevOps in association with Caltech university is an extremely comprehensive course that takes you through all the intricacies of DevOps while maintaining a progresssive learning path to take you through from the basics all the way to the complexities of the entailing topics.
    The content in itself is gripping & allows you to experience first hand the art and science of improving the development and operational activities of your entire team. You will build expertise via hands-on projects in continuous deployment, using configuration management tools such as Puppet, SaltStack, and Ansible.
    Here are a few key features :
    Caltech CTME Post Graduate Certification
    Receive 25 CEUs from Caltech CTME upon course completion
    Caltech CTME Circle Membership
    Online Convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director
    Master classes with Caltech CTME instructors
    Physical Certificate from Caltech CTME (on request)
    250+ hours of Applied Learning
    Enrollment in Simplilearn’s JobAssist
    Get noticed by the top hiring companies
    20+ real-life projects on integrated labs
    Capstone project in 3 domains
    It’s safe to say that the Caltech certification on its own adds great weightage to the course & allows you to have recognized value added to your resume. Not only this, but at completion you also receive a 6 month paid membership from IIM Jobs, which makes employment a much easier task than before. This allows you access to the following features :
    1. Resume building assistance
    2. Career mentoring
    3. Interview preparation
    4. Career fairs
    The course allows you to have a hands-on experience in the way of 20+ real-world projects along with the help of integrated labs so no worries there. In addition to this, what really helped me gain a sense of confidence when working in the field of DevOps was the Capstone project, along with the support of their industry recognized trainers, achieving this, was so satisfying.

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