Simple Kafka Producer example | Spring Boot | Spring Kafka

In this tutorial, we will be creating a simple Kafka Producer in Java. We will post a simple and Complex message on a Kafka topic using Spring Boot and Spring Kafka

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12 thoughts on “Simple Kafka Producer example | Spring Boot | Spring Kafka”
  1. Thankyou shabbir for your efforts. could you please make a video on real time usage of kafka in micro services.

  2. This is the 5th video which has the same thing in it. It’s a typical copy paste video. Was wanting some more insights but very superficial.

  3. Hi Shabbir, Please make your Intellij bckgrnd white , cuz it's dark and not so clearly visible. But, I must say all your videos are really good for developers like me who are learning Kafka , Springboot , microservices.

  4. In the initial case when String is the message, how the springboot application is finding the kafka server? Nowhere ip address and port of kafka server is mentioned. In the later case when book object is sent, kafka server is configured in Kafka Template. Hence makes sense.

  5. I really like your videos. Keep going with the good work, and thanks! While implementing what you did, I just changed a bit, and configured everything in the, so I didn't need the KafkaConfig class:



  6. Excellent friend! Thank you for these contents!
    I have a little problem, maybe you could help me. All is working properly, but when i write ".binwindowskafka-console-consumer.bat –bootstrap-server localhost:9092 –topic NewTopic –from-beginning" in CMD and press ENTER, nothing happens, the mouse keep blinking line down, but my changes in the project doesn't appears into cmd. The changes are being displayed as successfully, the problem is about cmd.

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