Simple GoPro Automation with Python


I am automating a GoPro 8 Black in Python to perform tasks to ease my workflow when it comes to transferring files, automating picture taking, formatting the SD card and creating infinite timelapses. Automation is when you collect several tasks together into one process that is performed for you.

I purchased the GoPro 8 Black to enhance my videography angles and to use with my FPV drone build, but then I had the genius idea to create a seamless workflow by coding/programming tasks like downloading all files, moving them to a specific directory of my choice, and formatting the SD card all in one single step without me having to take the SD card out of the GoPro!

Many of you have been requesting me to code automation videos with Python, so here is one of many that I will be doing!

Big thanks to Konrad Iturbe for creating the awesome reverse-engineered API for the Hero 8 Black. Here is a link to the repository:


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33 thoughts on “Simple GoPro Automation with Python”
  1. Amazing video buddy! Is there a way to connect the GoPro to a USB-c either directly OR using a splitter/Media Mod to transfer data over that method without having to plug it in/out? Would love to do what you just did, but transferring ~30 min videos is a hefty ask for WiFi. Thanks.

  2. yooo your building fpv. i remember when i was like 12 and the principle told me to find a school drone. i got them a gopro karma but with my research i decided i want to build my own drone. 4 years later and i still use it for so many things. they have definatly become more mainstream and i highly recommend it. i would invest in a good simulator before buying one though cause it takes alot of time to get used too

  3. Hi Filip. Great video. Do you know if there are any API commands linked to the motion sensors / gyro in the GoPro? So to maybe trigger recording if the camera senses certain motion patterns or accelerations?

  4. Can you possibly make the GoPro interface through your home LAN instead of having to create it's own so that it's reachable via the network to issue these scripts? Would be extremely grateful for any guidance!

  5. Fillip, do you have an internet connection on your computer while the gopro is connected to the wifi? I cant do this while my wired connection is enabled. So how are you accessing the gopro?

  6. hi filip, trying my best to use my hero8 as webcam/video input on ubuntu, (nvidia jetson nano) witch is arm64, so far everything worked on listing media and the connection, how can we access the live video from gopro, there is a way to do it? if it is, how the line on the code would look like? thank you!!

  7. Filip, personally I think that this is your best video so far. You explain things so well. If you have the time,you should definitely try taking tutorials online. I will be your first student, promise. Amazing video! Wish you success in the future dude and make some more automation videos!

  8. awsome work Filip keep it up
    btw how much the go pro cost you?
    and can I use it as the main camera for recording my videos and doing live streaming ??
    because I have a budget to buy only one camera and the quality of the images from go pro looks good to me
    Please give your suggestions

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