Simple Bandwidth Monitoring - Four Great Open Source tools for monitoring your system bandwidth.

This week I wanted to give you some really simple tools for monitoring your machine’s bandwidth usage. I’ll be including a few really great tools you can run directly from the terminal (CLI) and this means you can run them remotely via SSH without the concern of overhead of a GUI.

We’ll be covering NLoad, CBM (Color Bandwidth Monitor), IFTop (Interface Top), and BMon (Bandwidth Monitor). I’ll also be using the Terminator terminal interface as I allows for splitting the interface into sections both horizontally and vertically.

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00:00 Beginning
00:11 Introduction to Bandwidth Monitoring
00:51 Thank you to my Patrons and Subscribers
01:45 Install the Tools
04:05 Terminator Terminal Emulator
05:00 NLoad Monitor
07:20 iftop Monitor
09:00 CBM – Color Bandwidth Monitor
10:05 bmon – Bandwidth Monitor

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35 thoughts on “Simple Bandwidth Monitoring – Four Great Open Source tools for monitoring your system bandwidth.”
  1. Nice lecture. Ask about instructing to enlarge the font during your explanation? Thanks

  2. This channel is blowing up on this open source resource management software video. Who knew?

  3. If would be killer if bmon would let you drill in and see what processes are generating the traffic once you've determined that bandwidth on a NIC is indeed being used.

  4. I like iftop and use it a lot. There are LOTS of hotkeys that you can use to reconfigure it on the fly. I usually hit 't' first to get just one line per connection then 'p' to get the ports displayed. You can also toggle DNS resolution and port name resolution which can make it a bit snappier if you don't need those translations.
    Just hit '?' to get help on the hotkeys and '?' again to get back to the display.
    You can also apply a filter similar to a tcpdump filter to hone in on certain traffic you want to see. For instance, to watch who's trying to get onto my SSH service you type 'f' to get to the filter definition then 'port 22 <enter>' to set the filter. That way you can watch the dweebs bashing their heads against your hardened SSH service in real time.
    Oh yeah, and I watch that in a little quadrant of my full-screen Terminator session while I'm doing stuff in the other segments. Very cool!

  5. Absolutely awesome demonstration of tools that all network engineers should have in their tools box. Thanks for putting your time into this.

  6. Nice video, although I'm not sure about Terminator. That seems a bit on the heavy side for my tastes. I'm mostly a FreeBSD guy and my setup is usually tmux, bwm-ng, htop and gstat.

  7. The bad thing about Terminator is that it uses X to display that terminal window. So it you're using SSH to connect to a system and then run Terminator on that system it won't work unless you're running X on the system you're coming from.

  8. Well, i loved the video, but when i install the "fast" the system get the follow error: "E: Unable to locate package fast"

  9. Nice! So with bmon you have an aio solution and with cbm you dont actually need nload at all

  10. thanks for another great video. These tools are for an individual system – is there any tools which would do the same for whole network?

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