Serverless / Lambda Continuous Deployment using AWS CodePipeline & CloudFormation

In this demo I will show you how to setup continuous deployment environment for Lambda based serverless application using SAM, CodePipeline & CloudFormation


20 thoughts on “Serverless / Lambda Continuous Deployment using AWS CodePipeline & CloudFormation”
  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I have a doubt actually… In the online policy json file there's this line
    "Resource": [ "arn:aws:s3:::codepipeline*" ]
    Here, what is meant by codepipeline? Is it the S3 bucket name to store the artifacts after build step…. Do I need to change it with the name of my S3 bucket?

  2. Thanks Prasad for this video! I have a question though.
    If my python code has additional dependencies and it requires a virtual env for python to be deployed, how should I make use of code build here or if you can suggest a better way?
    Or will Sam template take care of it somehow?
    I was wondering if I have to use Sam build first?

  3. Hi Prasad I have 50 number of lambda functions in one git repo with python lambda functions and node js lambda functions , how can we achive codepipeline in aws in this scenario , please let me know .

  4. great article, it works awesome. one question how to put variable values in the lambda code (sam template). like if the same .yml needs deployment to different environments then value of things like environment variables of lambda would have different values for different environment deployments. how do we have this kind of thing achieved ? we can have different branches deployed to different environments but few values would need changing while deployment.

  5. Expecting appspec file at location /home/ec2-user/appspec.yml but it is not found there. Please either run the CLI from within a directory containing the appspec.yml file or specify a bundle location containing an appspec.yml file in its root directory

  6. Hi Prasad/All,
    I am getting "Missing authentication token" error everytime m hitting the apigateway to invoke lambda function.
    Authorization is set to NONE everywhere.
    Could you please help!!

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