Server Monitoring Software: Introduction to Server & Application Monitor


    Try it for your self – free for 30 days:

    Join SolarWinds Engineer Matt Quick, for a quick tour of Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM).

    See how easy it is to:
    – Deploy an enterprise monitoring tool in less than an hour
    – Monitor server hardware for multiple vendors
    – See deep performance statistics for SQL Server
    – Set alerts using the Threshold Baseline Calculator
    – Monitor on premise applications or applications located in the cloud
    – Visualize alerts and troubleshoot performance issues
    – Fix problems; stop & start services and services in context

    With Server & Application Monitor, you can monitor over 150 applications across multiple hardware vendors. Have a custom application? Use SAM’s wizard to create custom application monitors in minutes!

    SolarWinds® delivers agent-less application and server monitoring software that provides monitoring, alerting, reporting and server management. This affordable, easy-to-use server monitoring software supports multiple hardware vendors including Dell®, HP®, and IBM System x®, along with the underlying hardware for your VMware® hosts. It only takes minutes to create monitors for custom applications and to deploy new application monitors with Server & Application Monitor’s built-in support for more than 150 applications. Server management capabilities allow you to natively start and stop services, reboot servers and kill rogue processes.

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