Server Monitoring // Prometheus and Grafana Tutorial

Server Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana setup in Docker and Portainer. I explain the difference between metrics and logging and how Prometheus can monitor all your server metrics and use Grafana to visualize them.

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Monitoring Proxmox with Grafana:


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00:00 – Introduction
01:08 – Why centralize monitoring
02:01 – Difference between logs and metrics
03:19 – What is Prometheus?
03:46 – Monitoring Architecture
05:12 – Deploy Prometheus and Grafana
10:03 – Configure Prometheus
13:21 – Third-Party Exporters
19:04 – Visualize data with Grafana
21:44 – Import Grafana Dashboards

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31 thoughts on “Server Monitoring // Prometheus and Grafana Tutorial”
  1. Why everybody asume Linux or docker… i want to set up this for and with windows environment

  2. Man, I can't thank you enough!! all your videos are so easy to follow and actually understand what I'm doing!! You are awesome!!

  3. Can you please make a video about Prometheus, Grafana and Sophos XG Logs Monitoring ! I would like to be able to see multiple XG firewalls Critical and alerts in one Database interface or even 1 firewall.. can this be done? btw you promised more Data monitoring setups on your channel but I have not seen any.

  4. Get hit with a firehose of information! I have found it difficult to find quality tutorials on setting up a Grafana/Prometheus dashboard. Thanks for the wealth of resources and information!

  5. I love your two recommended dashboards! was using statefulset daemonset metrics board before, but that's so bad compared to the node exporter full!

  6. For some reason I cant get cAdvisor, or grafana to go up. When I check the logs, it's just saying | standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: exec format error | I am scared and confused, can someone please help? (I am using a raspberry pi4 on 64bit raspian if that helps)

  7. wtf is it with these narcissists that plaster their face over the entire video, nobody cares what you look like

  8. Is it possible to use expose instead of ports?
    expose is only visible for linked containers and if both are on the same machine we could just link the services und protect prometheus using expose?

  9. why do we need to expose 9090 of prometheus, if we need only to visualize data from grafana 3000

  10. I'm running into the weirdest issue I've seen in a long time, I can copy paste your docker-compose file word by word, and yet the container keeps restarting saying it cannot find the prometheus.yml file in /etc/prometheus/ even though I can clearly see it's there, also it doesn't matter if I mount a different volume to it (I figured maybe permission issue?) it will fail with the same error message..
    I've tried dropping into the container to see if the volume is properly mounted and the file is there, but since it's constantly restarting that's not possible.
    Also, I've tried removing the config file start command to see if it will start without one, which only causes it to search for a config file in it's default directory which for some reason it also cannot find, very strange.
    But considering nobody else here seems to have this issue I must be mucking something up

    Basically it cannot seem to see the config file

    Edit: It seems to work now when I map the .yml file directly, and omitting the –config boot command, instead of mapping just the location /etc/prometheus/

  11. Do you have any recommendation for the volume sizes use for Prometheus and Grafana to store their data? I'm planning to run them in a Raspberry Pi. I'm afraid it will take up the whole SD card space. In other words, what's the ideal volume size for Prometheus and Grafana containers with default 15 data days retention?

  12. Could you do a video on how to set up alertmanager on top of this setup? Its a missing piece to this AMAZING tutorial!

  13. thank you! i have this working but i was wonder do you know how to get fortigate_exporter to work im having a hard time. its on a raspberry pi running docker just like this video

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