Self Hosted private Agent on Linux (Ubuntu) for Azure Pipelines
8 thoughts on “Self Hosted private Agent on Linux (Ubuntu) for Azure Pipelines”
  1. Great video! I have one doubt If that ubuntu server is aws/vmware then also it will work on azure devops ?

  2. Hello. can i run agent like your vid with on-line command? Because i use bash file on circleci, can't type anything.

  3. I need to know what happens when you close the terminal of ./ I tried this and the VSTS Agent goes OFFLINE for me. The Agent stops listening to jobs once the ./ terminal is closed. What if I want to keep the VSTS Agent ONLINE all the time? I tried to set the service as well and did sudo ./ start. Its not working for me.

    Only ./ works.

    Can you please help?

  4. Explanation is very simple. thanks for that. I have a question to ask you.
    Can i use the Self hosted agent for "Release Pipeline"?

  5. Hi ,

    I have a service principal account for azure , and my project is in azure repos . Its a dotnet core api. Can you please tell how can i deploy it on Linux vm ?

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