Securing WinRM over HTTPS [Windows Server 2019]


    I (tobor), cover how to configure WinRM over HTTPS in an Windows environment using Group Policy on Windows Server 2019 domain environment consisting of a Domain Controller and a Certificate Authority.

    0:00 Intro Summary
    0:52 BTPS SecPack policy settings that will be covered
    1:00 Create a group policy
    1:21 Assign Group Policy to OU
    1:30 Edit Group Policy settings
    1:47 Security Filtering permissions on GPO policy
    2:05 Delegation permission on GPO Policy
    2:18 Policy Setting Services WinRM
    3:00 Permissions required to start a service using “Log on as service”
    3:41 Recovery Tab on Services
    3:54 Policy Setting Create Registry Value
    5:22 Policy Setting Network Connections for WMI (optional)
    6:04 Policy Setting Allow inbound remote administration exception (optional)
    6:24 Policy Setting Allow ICMP Exceptions (optional)
    6:41 Policy Setting Credential Delegation
    6:52 CredSSP Summary Example Windows Admin Center
    7:23 Policy Setting Encryption Oracle Remediation
    7:52 Policy Setting Allow Delegate Fresh Credentials
    9:08 Policy Setting Allow Delegate Fresh Credentials using NTLM-only Server Authentication
    9:30 Windows Components Remote Management
    9:58 Policy Setting WinRM Client
    12:30 Policy Setting Trusted Hosts
    13:07 Policy Setting WinRM Service
    13:21 Policy Setting Allow Remote Server Management with WinRM
    15:17 Policy Setting Disallow WinRM from storing runas credentials
    15:51 Turn on Compatibility HTTP/HTTPS Listener
    16:35 Create WinRM SSL Certificate Template
    17:02 Duplicate Web Server Cert Template
    17:10 Compatability Tab
    17:25: General Tab
    17:40 Request Handling Tab
    18:12 Cryptography Tab
    18:27 Security Tab
    19:09 Subject Name Tab
    20:11 DC Replication to access new template quicker
    20:41 Sites and Services
    20:52 Force Replication
    21:10 Local Computer Cert Manager
    21:19 Request New Certificate for WinRM
    21:51 Enumerate WinRM cert used with port 5986
    22:07 Change Listener Certificate for WinRM
    22:20 Delete current certificate associated with port 5986
    22:45 Assign certificate to WinRM over HTTPS
    24:00 Verify cert assigned to port
    24:20 BTPS Secpack command reference
    24:39 If incorrect CN name on cert is set, this happens
    25:32 Loopback listener is not configured for WinRM service to attach to on my instance
    26:00 Invoke-Command Example using WinRM over HTTPS
    26:25 WinRM port 5985 is disabled in my instance

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