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A Guide To Social Skills (For Those Who Were Never Taught)

How to improve your social skills! In this video, Owen Cook (Owen Cook Free Tour & Owen Cook High Status Communication & Owen Cook Success & Owen Cook Motivation – Owen Cook Social Skills) reveal how to learn social skills and how to improve your social skills!

Discover advanced secrets to improve your social skills in this social skills training.

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  1. Free event in Austin Texas, Tues April 26! – Philadelphia, NYC, Seattle, San Fran, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, DC, LA, San Diego, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami on the list as well! Julien and the team will be WORLD WIDE, Amsterdam and Frankfurt in May and many others, make sure to see if your city is on the list and FLY IN if we aren't coming to you. See you soon! -Owen

  2. My voice often doesn't want to come out and people can't hear what I'm saying. Even one word such as ''no'' when I decline a receipt. The cashier then gives it to me anyway because she didn't hear me. Makes me feel like shit. What's even weirder is that I barely feel nervous around people. It's like my voice has a will of it's own.

  3. scientifically, taylor has to be the fittest woman on the planet, officially, technically, like it just isn't possible to…

  4. bruh every new video of yours, i keep thinking THIS IS THE BEST SHIT TYLER HAS EVER DONE hahaha but bro, this one really is. taylor is actually very intelligent and brought some VERY good points aswell. thanks y'all

  5. Оуэн , ты мне очень помог в жизни . Если поднимусь выше финансово , 1000 баксов с меня ! Жаль мало переводов на русском.

  6. Can you make a video about handling rejection? Negative social reactions in general.

  7. Just saw owen on a clip from tom seguras comedy podcast, it was 1 of the tiktoks he used to clown himself for the sake of exposure.. Thats a master of marketing & psychology right there✊😂

  8. Paying models now to get more eyeballs on the screen lol… rsd views must be dipping. Granted, she is a pretty good actress to appear so interested for hours on end of Owen's crazy ramblings.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    WHAT A FUCKING LEDGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dude wow just wow
    and i´ll be there and i will bring some mother fuckers with me to get this infomation.

    Have a great fucking day

  10. Whe she said "it's juicy, it's sexual" i got flashback of Tom Cruise from Magnolia 😅

  11. Owen when you went out 4-7 times a week…were you going to dive bars and stuff er what. That's all that is in my area

  12. Alot of good stuff going in here. I read through some comments en notice peculiar thinking. And I could imagine that we all have different interpretations for any event that we witness. IMO Tyler just is growing and he will display certain patterns that were always there but somehow are now relevant to him and his circumstances. Then the girl is not at all satanic 🤣🤣 she is just a human skin and flesh with normal anatomy just like any other girl, except giving her two cents. It was entertaining to watch and at the same time also inspiring. Hope to see you guys in amsterdam. Good work

  13. You to wake me up and energize me in the mornings, play Eckhart Tolle to send me off to sleep at the end of the day

  14. Didnt this guy say he layed in snow wanting to die? Look at the patterns – this guy Owen is bad and doesnt care about other people; hes doing this self improvement thing for self gain to extract money from impressionable people.

  15. This guy literally spits on people getting it in their eyes – HELLO?! And this guy hangs arouns WEIRDOS! 😕🤨

  16. Tyler knows most of us have to stay and watch when we see a hot woman in the video

    Smart guy

  17. Owen really delivers better performances when there’s beautiful women around 😆
    Another great one guys!

  18. Yo more of her she's super refreshing to see on camera, not just looks but content and how natural she is

  19. Can't believe that we're allowing ourselves to be ruled by actual TARRARISTS that can unilaterally decide to house arrest entire nations based on a controlled narrative that benefits their private interests and agendas exclusively. This is, we're told by their mouthpieces, what DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM look like: The NEW NORMAL.

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