School Of Basics | What is CI CD | What is CI CD Pipeline | Interview questions

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Hi Friends, In this video I will discuss from very basics what is
CI – Continuous Integration
CD – Continuous Delivery
CD – Continuous Deployment
and what is CI CD Pipeline

Stages of CI CD
CI CD environment
How to explain CI CD in interview

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38 thoughts on “School Of Basics | What is CI CD | What is CI CD Pipeline | Interview questions”
  1. Thanks. I am using Codeigniter framework to develop a web application. How can I give a developer access to only selected files rather than the complete codebase?

  2. I watched many videos for CI , CD but now after watching our videos i am able to understand it. thank you so much

  3. Thank you so much! I have been watching your videos for quite some time, its very informative and always helped me at work

  4. Sir, I have to make a project on "Project on CI/CD and deploying to ECS – Free AWS account needed" can you please help me out for the references ? 🙂

  5. Just started working at Amazon and didn't know shit what ci/cd everyone in meetings say full ci cd 😕, thanks for explaining

  6. Nice, Please tell me how u do CI CD pipeline? And what tool u use to perform CI CD pipeline? Please show one example

  7. I normally get bored following YouTube instructors, but your videos are so interesting and reivetting!

  8. its like opening my brain up and storing all you explained in, it it really stuck. You are a born teacher Raghav ! Cant thank you enough.

  9. Sir, Now only i come across to see your school of Basic video on CI CD. Unmatch. High clarity and Professional presentation. Great.

  10. Our company as well moved to CI /CD process every Friday we're releasing on production, the drawback of CI/CD is intense work pressure on automation QA, Maintenance now is more tedious and time-consuming.

  11. Very concise and informative. Can you please provide some guidance on what categories of tests will be executed in each env and how frequently it should be run? For (e.g) if we have to release to prod after every 2 week sprint, how frequently do we have to deploy to test env? When during the sprint will we have to deploy to stage? Thanks in advance!

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