Scaling Docker: Using Docker Compose + Docker Swarm + Nginx | Sandip Das

This quick tutorial, I am showing how easily you can scale your docker application in a particular machine using Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Nginx
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More on Docker Compose:
More on Docker swarm:
More on Nginx:

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10 thoughts on “Scaling Docker: Using Docker Compose + Docker Swarm + Nginx | Sandip Das”
  1. Your docker compose file has error that says "Map keys must be unique" because there are two depends_on keys

  2. Hi Sandip, It is great tutorial.
    1. I had one question, is it possible to autoscale the application for multi-node? — I think its not possible.
    2. Can I write a script (either python or shell) to autoscale the application using docker swarm for multi-node ? Will it be compatible with both windows and linux OS?

  3. the tutorial is good. my feedback: pls speak more slowly. pls do away with your video overlay which is blocking the screen. tq.

  4. You made it look like 1,2,3 thanks, So what about Deployments who will deployment be handled across multiple replica's

  5. If possible please make tut on scaling proxy with explanation on how to configure conf file of each proxy container to talk to server container and how will those proxy containers talk to different server containers for same request every time, just like it happens in load balancing. Not able to understand what would happen if i scale backened server to n number then how proxy server containers will be configured to handle n backened servers assuming proxy servers are also scaled up. Or if there is no need for proxy server to scale up. Thanks

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