SAP Courses - Part1 | Various Types Of Modules in SAP | Malayalam

SAP Courses – Part 1 | Various Types Of Modules in SAP | Malayalam

The key highlights of this video is

1. What is SAP?
2. Types of SAP Modules
a. Functional modules
SAP financial accounting (FI)
SAP financial supply chain management (FSCM)
SAP controlling (CO)
SAP materials management (MM)
SAP sales and distribution (SD)
SAP logistics execution (LE)
SAP production planning (PP)
SAP quality management (QM)
SAP plant maintenance (PM)
SAP project system (PS)
SAP human resources management (HRM)

b. Technical modules
SAP Basis
SAP Security
Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)
High-performance ANalytic Appliance(SAP HANA)
SAP NetWeaver
Information systems management (SAP IS)
Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
SAP Solution Manager (SAP SM)

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10 thoughts on “SAP Courses – Part1 | Various Types Of Modules in SAP | Malayalam”
  1. Sap പഠിക്കാൻ degree ക്ക് minimum mark require ചെയ്യുന്നുണ്ടോ .? pls riply sir pls…..

  2. This is an awareness message I am writing to viewers of this channel on SAP courses explained. There are two programs normally with respect to SAP training. 1. SAP Power User Program with 80 hours of syllabus and this course is taught in authorized training institutes across Kerala.
    2. SAP Global Certification program- This program can be offered by SAP Retail Partners only, in kerala only two partners are there i.e EME and TimesPro. Primus can teach this program in Pune and other states, not in kerala as Primus is not a retail partner for kerala. No other institutes are eligible to train Global or Consulting Level program in Kerala. Before joining in any other institutes, contact directly with SAP India and check for the eligibility. Except these two institutions, all others are illegal for Global certification program if doing it. Just a message for layman’s knowledge.

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