Running MYSQL Docker Container Using Ansible Playbook | Ansible Deploy Docker Container Example


    Ansible playbook for docker container. Running MYSQL Docker Container Uisng Ansible Playbook | Ansible Deploy Docker Container Example.

    Setting up Ansible:

    Installing Docker:

    Ansible Playbook Tutorial:

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    1. Excellent Tutorial on deploying docker container using Ansible playbook !!. I recommend this to anyone.
      you have no idea how may tutorial I had to look thru. all twisted. You really cut thru the fluff and gave me what I needed. I can deploy any docker container using docker-composed which I have done it may many times. but with this Ansible playbook, just run the damn play book and here can have it. I have one question though. in yml you set the "restart: true" is this the same as "restart: always" is that mean upon running the sensible-playbook. that container is going to run in "dettached mode " and will be up and running.
      My friend, you are amazing !! I am planning to watch all your Tutorials on your channel.