Running Mule Runtime 4.4 Within Docker Container and Implementing Anypoint Clustering

    This video will provide details about how to run multiple instances of Mule Runtime in docker containers and enable Anypoint Clustering within Multiple instances of docker.
    It consists of below list of demonstration.
    – Setup Mule Runtime in docker.
    – Build Mule Runtime docker image.
    – Enable Anypoint Clustering.
    – Dockerfile

    Anypoint Clustering is group of server that acts as a single unit.

    Dockerfile can be find here


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    1. Hi Jitendra, I like your posts on MuleSoft, you are contributing a lot for the MuleSoft community.
      Quick question on this, Cloudhub is already following the container based deployment behind the scenes.
      For on-prem, we have RTF from MuleSoft(even now BYOK is also there), do you think that this type of Deployment, which you have shared will prevail in upcoming time, what scenarios can it be suited for ?