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Running Kali Linux on Windows: Docker vs Vagrant/Ansible


In this livestream I will show how I run Kali Linux in a Docker Container on Docker for Windows. It helps me get the best of both worlds, and I don’t need to maintain a VM.

I will be joined by Neil Stewart who will explain how he does similar tasks using VMs with Vagrant and Ansible, and we will discuss a comparison of the two methods.

Even better, when I have to custom compile a tool for security assessment or adversary simulation, I an build a container for just one tool and not worry about breaking my other Kali tools.

I will show:

— how to quickly run kali commands without interacting with the underlying linux OS
— how to move data to/from your windows folders
— how to make a customer Kali-based container when you want a pre-built container with custom tools and programs



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