run Linux on Windows Docker containers!!

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28 thoughts on “run Linux on Windows Docker containers!!”
  1. You don't really need docker if you already store your files on a "test server" since the developers just change the code of the servers.

    It's just a tool to download linux, database system, and a bash script. But eh, still better than Kubernetes. I remember it doesn't work on windows 10 in the past, you need to buy windows 10 pro, lol. That's why i didn't use it in the past.

  2. Is there any difference, other than performance, between running Ubuntu docker containers on Windows 10 and running ubuntu on hypervisors ?

  3. Hey @NetworkChuck! Thanks for making this video. I was looking for a way to bring up a linux environment in my Windows laptop, without burdening it with bulky apps like a virtual box, so I considered doing it with docker. Did it with the help of your video, but can you or someone seeing this later confirm my understanding that this method only gives the linux command line tool and not an actual VM? If so, is there any way to set up a linux OS VM on Windows laptop without separate virtualization apps?

  4. I like your videos. Very untertaining, especially when one is a coffee drinker 🙂 hahaha
    You said in another video that these containers are very powerful and can be full blown distribution. Can you install a desktop environment similar to a KVM virtual machine or will there be limitations from the docker engine? Then how can we change the network to access these docker containers from the outside world? what is needed on the firewall?

  5. It is interesting that you are doing all these very interesting and educational videos about networking, virtualization etc and you are presenting some feature from a crappy virtual machine? I would have expected the absolulte best from you, top of the top flawless demonstration, not lagging keystrokes on a keyboard. Could you explain why this situation?

  6. Bro,im into the linux container from here to i want execute my Testing framework(selenium+java) in this ubuntu container how can perform this can u please suggest

  7. Now another question… Can you run Linux containers on MacOS ? macOS being based on BSD if I remember correctly, but it's not exactly a Linux kernel…

  8. Careful with too much caffeine, you can OD. Won't someone please think of the CHILDREN!?!?!

  9. Can you create a container within a container, within a container, within a container? Would there be a time difference from current reality? Would it run faster or slower?

  10. Most of us run Windows? Where? Most tech / startup use Macs. In the past 5 companies I've worked, 90% of employees were using Macs.

  11. Mixing Cocoa powder with coffee avoids side effects of too much coffee for me. Also use Theanine magnesium and amino acids but that's a whole subject so be careful.

  12. I'm still learning docker so I'm wrapping my head around it. I do have a question… what are the advantages of running an application on a docker container versus just straight running it on your own computer? how does the isolation of running it on docker benefit the client and/or server/developer?

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