RSD Founders Club VIP Webinar

I am answering important questions from RSD Founders Club members on my first webinar, which will be streaming live from the notorious Team Archon House in Las Vegas.

1:15 How to apply Mr. Game Theory book in your life

5:40 Biggest growth hacks for website traffic

7:29 What have been a couple of your biggest flops?

10:26 What recommendations would you give to entrepreneurs that are new to creating a YouTube channel? Are there any tricks to get traction and any pitfalls that should be avoided?

13:03 What techniques and practices can you use in order to deal with the stress, anxiety and fear which sometimes can manifest as anger, while pushing yourself to the absolute limit?

17:06 How do you plan for retirement?

19:43 If you move to a new city, and you don’t know anyone, what would be your first move to improve your non existent social circle?

22:52 If you have a high quality girlfriend or friend, but you think you can find higher quality, do you end a relationship immediately or wait until you do find a higher quality one?

25:14 What is the best step by step approach for instructors to build a YouTube channel from scratch?

28:30 Would you recommend giving out different affiliate percentages based on this size or number of sales, or do you keep the percentages across the board?

29:09 Do you use super affiliates?

29:54 Do affiliates like other affiliates for a second tier commission or a smaller amount like a MLM structure?

30:50 How should I get started with paper click ads?

33:28 What is retargeting ads and how do I use them?

37:04 How do I use Snapchat in business?

38:59 How do you organize your content publication schedule?

40:41 Do you require a quota from your creators around content?

41:42 Can you list some of the camera equipment used?

44:33 How do you film people in public without being sued?

45:34 Do you pay your team members weekly or monthly?

45:52 Do you have training for your interns and how does that work to keep your company culture pure?

47:05 Can you explain more about reverse topgrading process? How does that work?

49:09 Why is this a VIP webinar?

49:44 Can you sing?

50:24 RSD Founders Club tiers


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