Rosetta Stone Language Level Install Location

C:ProgramDataRosetta Stone
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34 thoughts on “Rosetta Stone Language Level Install Location”
  1. Thanks mate! I had installed them a while ago but needed to install them on my laptop now and totally forgot how to do it!

  2. Trying to look for a video on how to install the languages and saw that you were learning Vietnamese? Xin chào! 😀

  3. why are you explaining so fast? I cannot follow everything that you're explaining. And also there is a new pop-up window that blocks what you are showing. Anyway, useful info but I couldn't get it all.

  4. I pasted the SDK files here :
    C:ProgramDataRosetta StoneLanguage TrainingContent
    and it worked after I opened Rosetta Stone, it automatically detected and installed the new language. Thanks!

  5. i swear more than 3 hours trying to add my languge to the Rosetta stone and this 1 minute video fix it

  6. Perfecto men al fin le logro poner el idioma que lo tenia todo y nuca pude poneselo GRASIAAASSSS

  7. Amazing! Thank you very much! I spent 2 days to understand how to install the language package. God bless you!

  8. the best accent ever! you should be the guy for Siri I'll try your method I hope it works

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