RHCE 8 - Understanding  Ansible Inventory Files on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

In this video we take a look at how we can understand and control the Ansible Inventory/ This inventory allows us to specify the hosts that we want to work with for a particular ad-hoc command or play. The default location for the inventory file is /etc/ansible/hosts; but we would not normally work with a system wide file but it is great for examples. Using the command ansible all –list-hosts we can list the inventory that we have. The group all is a builtin group to specify all hosts in the file. We can also create our own groups perhaps based on location or purpose. We can also have nested groups. especially useful for locations. We run this training a RHEL 8 as the new RHCE certification required Ansible knowledge but you can equally use another system such as CentOS 7

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5 thoughts on “RHCE 8 – Understanding Ansible Inventory Files on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8”
  1. One of the few nicest things to have happened to me in this year is finding your YouTube channel.
    Yours PluralSight's video on lfce has helped me immensely in learning linux.
    Saying thank you would be a very small thing, but then again thank you.

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