Restoring Function in People with CRPS – RSDSA


    Tammy R. Gipson, MS, OTR is an experienced therapist who discusses techniques to increase function in people with CRPS. She demonstrates a technique to manage swelling (manual lymph drainage).

    To learn more about complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), visit Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA)’s website at #RSDSA #CRPS #RSD


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    1. Hi Tammy,great information. I have RSD or CRPS for 2 1/2 years now and none of the doctors I've been to,do not know what it is of even how to treat it. I would love to try the wrap. Where do I find it?? Also. Do you know of any doctors that are in upstate NY,in the Capital region??
      Thank you.

    2. I have had RED for 27 years I have been through therapy several times only to get worse. My dr. got me out of a wheelchair treating me with meds. Now our stupid government has stopped that. So today I'm lying here and can't even get a shower or eat. So I would rather be dead.

    3. What if you have rsd/crps from the brain down to my toes.Brain.eyes,nose,mouth,face,arms,legs,whole torso ect? I have been suffering for 17 years. In all my findings all of these years there all tools.We use and find more tools to help us through our disease.We have to make a circle of Dr.s to help us as we get older. This scares the crap out of me.Every time I have a set back its very severe in nature and now they are putting us all in a class of drug abusers. Please we need to stop that we need what ever it is that a dr. can help us with. We are not abusers we are suffering warriors and its not fair for us to suffer so bad. We have rights to be out of pain or at least lessen the pain. I have been at this for years and a advocate as well. I have helped others just like me where I live.I will never give up.Iv made some progress but im still hurting through out my entire muscular skeleton, from brain down . I try to walk still when its nice out or when Im a bit better. RSD/CRPS is deadly for all of us and not to mention the ones who lost there fight.Go to RSDSA.ORG its a great site to learn from,online groups for support,or friends,and family. I would like to thank everyone at RSDSA.ORG for all of your help and researching, understanding and sending emails to all of us with new events and news.You all work so hard for all of us.Thankyou and I still hold on to hope because of everyone. Also other pain foundations that do the same. Thanks for this video. Have a blessed day!!

    4. Please tell me; how is function going to be restored when the pain is so bad you can't tolerate someone touching you? Or to even walk a short distance?
      My PCP told me before Thanksgiving, because I am pretty much bedbound, I don't deserve pain medication!!! And since then she refused to fill the small amount 2 5/325 tabs a day!! Just unreal… The pain is so bad I beg God to take me home, end this suffering.
      I don't know how much more I can take!