Resonance and Q Factor in True Parallel RLC Circuits

This video introduces true parallel RLC circuits. In this circuit, there is an inductor in parallel with a capacitor, but the internal resistance of the inductor is also taken in to consideration.

You will be shown how to calculate resonant frequency, dynamic resistance, current through the inductor coil and capacitor, as well as supply current.

Once currents throughout the circuit have been found, the Q factor (quality factor) can be determined for the given circuit at the resonant frequency.

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11 thoughts on “Resonance and Q Factor in True Parallel RLC Circuits”
  1. I am a teacher at a technical college in South Africa. You answered a question that I always had regarding the use of series and parallel resonant circuit formula. Thank you for your video.

  2. How to get the formula for fo? i tried with impendance but i can't get that formula. for Resonance part (imaginary part must be 0 for resonance) i get something like iwL/(R^2 + (wL)^2) + wC = 0
    because of that i get a "-" which makes me problems… Any help?

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