Replacing 150w Control Gear | Electrician in Glasgow

I actually get to do a bit of repair and maintenance in this one and take you with me as i diagnose and fix a faulty 150w SON-T fitting.

This video is for entertainment purposes only and in no way is intended as a guide or a “How To”

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12 thoughts on “Replacing 150w Control Gear | Electrician in Glasgow”
  1. Nice job. I rarely fitted electronic modules like that, mostly refitted new chokes and ignitors, or the whole fitting got replaced. Depending on what tools you have, you can sometimes just buy aftermarket tethers from companies like Arco or RS Components if there isn't a local shop in your area. There are more specialist suppliers that will supply complete tether kits with or without the tools, but then it becomes very expensive.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Another very informative fault finding and rectifying video
    despite the freezing weather.
    Let’s hope a company will supply you with the tethered tools. Catch you on the next one. 👍⚡️

  3. I really enjoyed this video, seeing something other than the usual SOX (lol) and the new gear install. Good stuff! I wonder when these repairs will cease and all will just be replaced with LED.

  4. Thank you Ryan. Very interesting and to see your skills in action identifying and resolving an issue. Lovely to see a fitting in effect recycled back into life too! Still envious of what you do, despite the cold weather!💡🤣

  5. Get you self a PO box Ryan,I'm sure you have subscribers who have tools that they never use and would gladly send them to you rather than them lying in a shed not getting used, good video again

  6. Nice Video Ryan. That's an old fitting that 1. Wonder how long it will be till it's a new fitting on?

  7. Very interesting. We have the same model in Australia called GEC Optispan. Very common lights however they don’t replace the gear inside them.

  8. Looks like the lamp removed was the original lamp going by the wear marks. That was a 1990s Philips lamp.

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