Refreshing excel data and pivot tables using python

This video explains how to update data in an excel sheet using python and automatically refresh the pivot tables.


8 thoughts on “Refreshing excel data and pivot tables using python”
  1. Hey, I have tried this & it is only pasting int/float values too my excel sheet & leaves the object columns blank. Can you help me with this?

  2. This is brilliant Indranil. However, I'm looking for a way to refresh pivot while in-memory, delete the data sheet because my data is huge and then see the refreshed data as pivot table has a cache memory of its own. Also, I need to do this with openpyxl package bcoz I'm working on Databricks

  3. Great content..could you please share how can we create pivot tables with percentage of the fields using win32com

  4. Wowww!!! This is fantastic..thanku very much!! I had one query if u could help..what if the Marks data is in another Excel workbook which is updated daily and all other pivots are present in another workbook which needs to b refreshed automatically once data updates..slight change..please help!! Big thanku!!!

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