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Reducing DevOps Burden with Git based CI/CD Pipelines For APIs, WSO2 Webinar


00:00 – Introduction
01:04 – Agenda
01:50 – Why CI/CD is needed
05:09 – Building a CI/CD strategy
06:36 – CI/CD Process overview
08:14 – API Controller CLI and its features
12:50 – Demo – Introduction
15:25 – Demo – Jenkins files overview
17:05 – Demo – Preparing API projects
22:50 – Demo – Preparing tests
24:31 – Demo – Deploying APIs to the development environment
26:35 – Demo – Deploying APIs to the production environment
29:05 – Demo – Deploying an API change into each environment
35:25 – Question time

Businesses are now relying heavily on APIs that are running business-critical operations. It’s hard to imagine a stable and effective API-driven business without some form of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD). Having a CI/CD pipeline for APIs ensures the stability of the API and enables speedy and effective processes when releasing new features and bug fixes that assist to keep the business running smoothly.
A typical CI/CD pipeline starts with a central repository that keeps the API artifacts. A new change that is introduced needs to be fully tested before promoting to the upper environment. Tying the CI/CD pipeline with a widely used Version Control System like GIT makes it easy to fully automate this.
With the new release of API Controller, it has the built-in support to make use of GIT to manage API deployments. It is armed with a simple yet powerful command set to deploy APIs while ensuring the APIs are in a fully working state.
By attending this online webinar, you will learn how to build an effective CI/CD pipeline for APIs with minimal effort.
This webinar will cover:
* The concepts of developing a CI/CD pipeline for APIs
* Introduction to API Controller and the role of API Controller in a CI/CD pipeline
* A live demo of configuring a CI/CD pipeline for APIs using a GIT repository
For who:
* Architects
* API Developers
* DevOps Engineers



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