Reboot module - #ANSIBLE 17

Do you want to learn ansible ? How to begin with this #devops technology ? This playlist explain you lot of concepts and definitions with example. You can discover some modules to understand how to use it ?

In this tutorial, we learn how to use the reboot module to restart a server (for example after a dist upgrade).

To get slides and code, follow this link :

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3 thoughts on “Reboot module – #ANSIBLE 17”
  1. Why I do not observe "msg" during node restart (non via ssh/console)? See only message in /var/log/messages. Doc claims msg: Message to display to users before reboot.

  2. I use the exact same playbook for my vm but unfortunately the playbook does not resume after my vm's reboot. It gets stuck after reboot and after quite some time tells me that the ssh connection failed…

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