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12 thoughts on “Realtime Supply and Demand Indicator NT8 Version – Ninjacators FREE Indicator of the Month”
  1. Can this indicator be used in NT8's Strategy Builder for automation? Can't seem to see it on list of indicators when attempting to build.

  2. The indicator seems to slow down the live data flow. Do you notice the same ? any idea to fix this issue ? thank you

  3. What system requeriments are needed for a suitable performance on NinjaTrader 8 using this indicator? How much RAM, Hard Disk, Graphic Card, etc Thanks a lot for your prompt response Regards! 馃憤馃憤馃憤

  4. Great indicator, thanks! Are you able to share more on the logic used to create the zones. And where does the logic come from? Is it from a book or something you've developed internally?

  5. Hi Ali, thanks for your comment and interest in our Realtime Supply and Demand Indicator. Here's the answers to your questions:

    1) The indicator does not require Level II data.

    2) It looks at both volume and price information.

    3) The zones are areas of support or resistance calculated by the indicator. When a zone is retouched, it means there may be supply or demand in that zone, so it could be a good area to enter a trade. However, if price keeps coming back to retouch the zone, it could be a warning signal that the zone is weak and may be broken.

    4) The zone's width takes into consideration the instrument's price volatility as well. This is different for each instrument and you will need to take this into consideration when managing your risk (i.e. where you place your stop loss). The width of the zones does not necessarily mean it is a stronger or weaker zone.

  6. Could you please answer these questions?

    – Does your indicator need level II data?
    – Does your indicator take into account volume information or just solely price action?
    – What is the significance of whether a zone is re-touched or not? Would you consider a zone better opportunity or worse if it is retouched?
    – Is there any significance to the width of a zone as to whether it is considered stronger zone; i.e. not getting pierced through, or not?

    Thank you.
    Ali Asi | 604-785-8900 |

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